Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top 20 Pearl Jam Songs Since Vitalogy

Man this isn't easy but I setup to do it so I had to finish. Re-listening to all these great albums made me change my mind a hundred different times. I was listening to Yield and skiped Given to Fly because it was a good single for the band and I hoped this list could give old PJ fans a list/reason to checkout whats happened in the past 15ish years since their great financial successes. I get to MFC and say this is the one on this album and then I hear Lowlight and say damn which is better what exactly am I looking for to say which is better. I am an original fan as much as can be expected of a 15 year old Grundge kid. Mike McCready was a massive influence on my guitar playing so I want to naturally highlight his stuff because it means more to me personal. On the other hand I think I should pick the songs with the most old Pearl Jam essence. So back to listening to Yield MFC great, Lowlight great and then In Hiding so anyone that has heard them all most see the hardships of picking just a few. So I picked all 3 and changed this from a Top 10 to a Top 20. Here it is...In no particular order...

01. Just Breathe (Backspacer)
02. Amongst The Waves (Backspacer)
03. The Fixer (Backspacer)
04. Comatose (Pearl Jam)
05. Big Wave (Pearl Jam)
06. Marker In The Sand (Pearl Jam)
07. Smile (No Code)
08. Red Mosquito (No Code)
09. Sometimes(No Code)
10. MFC(Yield)
11. Lowlight (Yield)
12. In Hiding (Yield)
13. Nothing as it Seems (Binaural)
14. Insignificance (Binaural)
15. Rival (Binaural)
16. Help Help (Riot Act)
17. 1/2 Full (Riot Act)
18. You Are (Riot Act)
19. Last Kiss
20. Love Reign O'er Me

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