Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to get FREE DOfollow High PR Backlinks Fast 2013 April PR9, PR8, PR7, PR3, PR, PR1

There are many sites promising many thing to help out your SEO Ranking. This site I am about to tell you about actually delivers. They supply many other advantageous services for Traffic and SEO. Mostly via Social Media Promotions. The site works on a points system. The points are not crazy unobtainable like most sites either. A PR 2 link for example is 500 "coins" and it takes about 5 minutes to gain those coins if that. So here it goes.

1. Sign up for an account here

2. The List of Links for sale and their stats are listed here

3. Pick the Link you want and start earning points.

4. You can earn points from selling links on your site here or earn points looking at other people sites here

5. Get one new Link daily within a few minutes time.

For more BackLinks Check out

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