Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Top Content Discovery, FREE Curation Tools and Sites Updated November 19th 2013 Social Media Tools Content Curation Marketing (Bookmark and Backlinks with High PR)

There is a lot of talk about Content Curation for Social Media. You need more than on tool. You also need different tools for different jobs. I use some sites for ideas and others for sharing my ideas for others to use. Each of these sites in this list have other uses as well and maybe some were even intended for other reasons when they were conceived but they have all helped me promote my blog post for me and my customers. Ghost writing would be impossible without these sites as well.

1. Scoop.it

2. List.ly


3. Feedly

4. Pinterest


6. Bundlr

Bundlr iPhone app

7. PearlTrees

8. Dizkover

9. LiveBinders


10. ZOOtool

11.  BagtheWeb


12. Themeefy

13. Surfmark

14. kippt

15. Keeeb


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