Sunday, May 19, 2013

Top 20 Highest PR Link Directories PR7 & PR6 only! DoFollow! Free backlinks High PageRank for Best SEO.

This is a list of 20 of the Highest PageRank Link Directories. There are 5 PR7's and 15 PR6's. So let us start out with the TOP 5 Free Link Directories these are all a Google PageRank of 7.






Now as a guy that does SEO and owns Many Link Directories. I only knew of one of these sites listed.  Dmoz which everyone knows. Most people think this is a hard Directory to get accepted into. For Clients I submitted many sites and everyone was accepted so Dmoz is a most. It is not accepted over night but you should just submit it and get it over with because you day will come. If you need help picking Link Directories Read this Article How to Pick a Link Directory. All of the above sites have Free options.

Now for the next 15 in this list of TOP 20 Highest PR Link Directories. All of these sites have a PageRank of 6

6. This Directory has Free options however it has a theme of tourism. Clearly it says it in the domain name. There are a lot of businesses that kind find a loop hole to be included in this directory so check it out.

7. This is a very strong and well Ranked Link Directory. Free options available and some cheap and very enhanced listing options.

8. They have Free options listed but by the looks of it you pretty much need to pay to be listed.

9. Another seemingly slow for the free guys.

10. Very Professional looking site. Has some good design ideas for anyone looking for ways to improve their Link Directory.

11. Free Options

12. These guys have an affiliate program and a format for link submissions all their own.

13. Good standard high ranking Directory.

14. Another Standard free submission but very slow.

15. Standard

16. Standard

17. Ton of demands for Free listing well worth the featured listing.

18. Standard

19. Looks like a newer Directory that just so happens to have a very high PageRank.

20. Extremely slow loading time. Free may be to high of a price to pay for this site.

Well that wraps up this list. If you want to do a good job submitting to awesome Link Directories that accept fast. Try this A List of the Top 50 Best and Fastest Link Directories.

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