Wednesday, May 13, 2015

List of Local SEO sites for Citations. How to get your local business at the top of Google. Local Link Directory list for SEO Citations. Local Backlink Sites.

List of Local SEO Citation Sites. Any one of these will help your ranking for a local area. These links in some cases can also help your customers find you. This will take some time to complete on your own but very very worth doing. You can also start some Blogs for free that are based on your area of business and what you do. (verification required for claiming listing) (AKA nSphere) (costs $1.99 / month as of June 2013) (powered by Yext) (powered by Yext) (only if you offer free Wi-Fi access) (verification required) (powered by WhitePages, and in turn by Yext; see note on WhitePages, below) (powered by Yext) (powered by Yext – although apparently you can contact Whitepages for help) (verification required only for claiming listing) (verification required only for claiming listing)

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