Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What is SEO and how does it breakdown?

SEO first breaks down into offsite and onsite. Offsite is simply not on your website and onsite is, yeah you guessed it, on your site. You can hire an SEO company or person to do offsite SEO for you and they never need access to your site. Offsite breaks down into these important things.
Article Submissions - Write ups about your website/business that also link to different pages of your site using different anchor text sections of the article. The article can be added to any article site and or blog.
Backlinks and or Directory Submissions - Your website is submitted to many different link directories manually with different rotating anchored text about your website which is also linked back to your website. You can also buy links from these sites that are slightly more "powerful".
Blog Commenting - Comments put on blogs that share interest in your website/business that again are anchored text linking back to your site and or pages on your site.
So what is Anchored text? Anchored text is a phrase that is linked to another site in the case your site. So this " Free Link Directory " is an example of anchored text to a link directory Becomemade.net. The use of words having to do with your site is the way Google ranks your site. So for every anchored text link that says " Free Link Directory " that site gets credit as being a free link directory. So it becomes strong with that keyword phrase on Google. However you want to change your anchored text often or Google considers it spam then you won't rank for the term at all.
There is also additional Steps for a physical storefront and the fine art of Social Media.

Article Via: http://jaxsmallbiz.com/social-media/


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