Sunday, December 1, 2013

HERSHEL Dies on The Walking Dead midseason finale spoilers, Governor kills Hershel in Epic Death Scene Screenshot

Picture of Hershel's Death from Walking Dead

Yes the Governor is "Too Far Gone" on the walking dead episode tonight. The Season 4 mid season final was crazy. Hershel gets his head sawed off!

Rick approaches the fence and tries to reason with The Gov, suggesting he doesn’t need hostages since he has the tank. The Gov counters that he does since he really doesn’t want to blow holes in what he sees as his “new home.” He gives Rick and his people until sundown to vamoose in spite of the fact that Rick says there are sick kids inside who won’t make it. This newsflash seems to disturb Tara. The Governor merely reiterates that he has a tank and he’s still willing to let Rick and his people walk away...

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